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Jessica  Brockmole

Jessica Brockmole

Jessica Brockmole er født og oppvokst i USA, men har tilbrakt noen år i Skottland.

Hun bor nå i Indiana. Brockmole har skrevet en rekke bokanmeldelser for The Historical Novel Society. Dette er hennes første roman.

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  • 19.01.2017 20:36:53 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @histchild: Kids marginalia is great:

  • 19.01.2017 03:19:09 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @carlywatters: The New York Public Library just uploaded nearly 200,000 images you can use for free via @Verge

  • 17.01.2017 16:15:30 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @USNatArchives: Finding letters signed by your great-great-great Grandfather? Just another day on the job at @usnationalarchives! https:…

  • 16.01.2017 21:26:38 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @HistoricalFix: Getting so excited for 1/24 #HistoricalFix chat! @jabrockmole (Letters from Skye) will be joining us to talk historical…

  • 15.01.2017 20:05:06 Jessica Brockmole
    Books make more sense when you remember to read chapter 2. #publicserviceannouncement

  • 15.01.2017 18:24:47 Jessica Brockmole
    This is a real thing.

  • 13.01.2017 22:19:39 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @john_overholt: College Life (1917) You certainly can't throw a stone around here without hitting a ukulele-recorder-harmonica trio. htt…

  • 13.01.2017 21:58:39 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @HarvardLibrary: Looking at the stars: the work of the ladies team of the #Harvard Observatory @TheEconomist ht…

  • 13.01.2017 15:55:47 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @michaeldrisc: The 2016 word of the year: dumpster fire via @bgzimmer

  • 13.01.2017 15:24:26 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @I_W_M: What Life Was Like For POWs In The Far East During #WW2: War

  • 13.01.2017 14:45:16 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @projectFem4All: The African-American Suffragists History Forgot

  • 13.01.2017 14:38:13 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @amhistorymuseum: 98 years ago today: This photo of a woman suffrage protest at the White House is snapped. 22 were arrested. https://t.…

  • 13.01.2017 14:36:23 Jessica Brockmole
    This scrap of fabric is a remnant of a suffragist banner carried in silent protest at the White House in 1917, dest…

  • 13.01.2017 14:13:34 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @PastPostcard: On Friday Herbert took me to the tattoo.

  • 13.01.2017 13:48:17 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @john_overholt: You can see a young woman learning to sew in this ca. 1915 exercise book newly acquired at Schlesinger Library: https://…

  • 12.01.2017 19:09:31 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @PsyGenealogist: Another beautiful #photo from this gallery of early American immigrants arriving at Ellis Island.…

  • 12.01.2017 19:02:48 Jessica Brockmole
    This is incredibly neat.

  • 12.01.2017 18:56:05 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @Kalendaries: How the L.A. Public Library Amassed a Collection of 3.1 Million Historical Photos

  • 12.01.2017 16:41:51 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @Independent: Baboon discovery suggests language 'began 25 million years ago'

  • 12.01.2017 16:37:06 Jessica Brockmole
    When AI researchers and the @BNArchive collaborate, they can find language patterns in 150 years of British news pa…

  • 12.01.2017 15:41:18 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @nationalbook: A professor was shocked to discover the used book she bought was the same one she lost years ago!

  • 12.01.2017 13:48:38 Jessica Brockmole
    RT @aflashbak: 1970s Danish Catalog of Bad Fashion and Paralyzing Awkwardness -


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