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Kim Fay

Kim Fay

Kim Fay er fra Seattle i USA og er godt kjent i landene som tidligere utgjorde Indokina; hun har blant annet bodd i Vietnam i fire år.

Hun har bakgrunn som bokhandler og er forfatter av en prisvinnende vietnamesisk kokebok. Hun har også redigert en rekke reiseguider til Asia. Den tapte historien er hennes første roman og ble nominert til den prestisjetunge amerikanske Edgar Award for beste debutroman.

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  • 27.03.2017 14:29:07 Kim Fay
    Oh, thank you for giving me a laugh this morning!

  • 25.03.2017 20:09:18 Kim Fay

  • 24.03.2017 13:04:42 Kim Fay
    Love my state! EPA employees are invited to work in California:

  • 24.03.2017 12:57:21 Kim Fay
    Senator Pat Roberts should be ashamed of himself:

  • 23.03.2017 13:33:20 Kim Fay
    RT @SenWarren: Who does House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes think he works for: the American people or @realDonaldTrump?

  • 23.03.2017 13:33:15 Kim Fay
    RT @tedlieu: Bombshell from US Officials means Congress should pause entire @realDonaldTrump agenda with no voting until FBI investigation…

  • 23.03.2017 13:25:52 Kim Fay
    RT @SenWarren: The FBI is investigating collusion between @realDonaldTrump's campaign & Russia. When will the GOP end the charade & put cou…

  • 23.03.2017 13:25:38 Kim Fay
    RT @SenWarren: Meanwhile, reports today say @realDonaldTrump's campaign manager was paid millions to help Putin influence US politics. Drip…

  • 23.03.2017 13:25:25 Kim Fay
    RT @SenWarren: The idea that Devin Nunes will investigate Trump/Russia is a farce. It's time for a real, independent, transparent inquiry.

  • 23.03.2017 13:25:17 Kim Fay
    RT @tedlieu: Stmt by Rep Devin Nunes means @realDonaldTrump officials were either talking to agents of a foreign power, or people suspected…

  • 23.03.2017 13:25:03 Kim Fay
    RT @SenWarren: After slamming leaks as "criminal," Devin Nunes is now privately briefing @realDonaldTrump - even leaking info to help him.

  • 22.03.2017 21:53:19 Kim Fay
    RT @unnamedpress: "Brutal and poignant" @kimkfay reviews #InPlainView by Julie Shigekuni @LAReviewofBooks

  • 22.03.2017 16:04:18 Kim Fay
    THE MAP OF LOST MEMORIES ebook for $1.99 today. Southeast Asia, temple hunting & the 1920s - my novel has it all 😀

  • 21.03.2017 14:31:37 Kim Fay
    I feel so lucky to have @KamalaHarris as one of my senators!

  • 18.03.2017 17:34:00 Kim Fay
    Ugh - this is so disgusting. I'm with you @hilarydavidson

  • 18.03.2017 17:31:18 Kim Fay
    RT @SenSanders: It’s time to join the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all of our people.

  • 17.03.2017 20:26:59 Kim Fay
    RT @POETSorg: The state of the world calls out for poetry to save it. —Lawrence Ferlinghetti #SaveTheNEA @NEAarts @NEHgov…

  • 16.03.2017 17:40:22 Kim Fay
    This breaks my heart because it's so true ...

  • 16.03.2017 17:39:58 Kim Fay

  • 16.03.2017 17:25:38 Kim Fay
    Thank you @SenWarren for your strength, conviction and dedication to the good fight!!

  • 16.03.2017 17:24:33 Kim Fay
    Thank you thank you thank you @KamalaHarris for fighting the good fight!!

  • 16.03.2017 17:22:42 Kim Fay
    Thank you @tedlieu for being our champion during these nasty and brutish times.

  • 16.03.2017 17:21:52 Kim Fay
    We will always have hope for a renewed soul with men like @repjohnlewis in the world.


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