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Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova har skrevet flere bestselgende romaner med temaer som berører faget hennes, nevrovitenskap, som hun har en PhD i fra Harvard University.

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  • 27.03.2017 21:28:32 LisaGenova
    RT @alzassociation: MASSACHUSETTS passed Acute Care Act to address one of last frontiers of dementia care: hospital care setting. #RollCall…

  • 27.03.2017 00:00:59 LisaGenova
    RT @amazingboox: Today's #kindle #ebook #deal Still Alice by @LisaGenova #Medical #Fiction #Domestic #Life #Women's #books #deals #ad https…

  • 27.03.2017 00:00:26 LisaGenova
    RT @simonschuster: .@LisaGenova talks about the excitement of writing her first novel #StillAlice & seeing it become a movie with @_juliann…

  • 26.03.2017 20:02:59 LisaGenova
    Still Alice ebook $2.99 today at @amazon. Less than a cuppa coffee.

  • 25.03.2017 16:43:12 LisaGenova
    RT @SJVTownHall: Our final lecture for this season will feature @LisaGenova You don’t want to miss this one. #sjvto…

  • 24.03.2017 16:58:11 LisaGenova
    Thank you Yakima for a beautiful event and for making me feel like a rock star!

  • 23.03.2017 14:07:44 LisaGenova
    My talk in Yakima made Fox News. Think potus will tweet about me?

  • 22.03.2017 17:39:54 LisaGenova
    This is the venue I will be speaking in today, Capital Theatre - so beautiful! Yakima Town Hall Speaker Series

  • 22.03.2017 15:09:55 LisaGenova
    RT @HDYOFeed: There is still time to apply for the 3rd Annual North American HD Youth Camp! It is FREE and a great opportunity! https://t.…

  • 22.03.2017 15:08:43 LisaGenova
    #SharetheFacts: . #ENDALZ

  • 21.03.2017 16:24:46 LisaGenova
    RT @MaryWCVB: Save the date! April 6th. #ALS @ALSKnights

  • 20.03.2017 16:15:10 LisaGenova
    I'm looking forward to the San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Speaker Series event on April 5th — Hope to see you there!

  • 17.03.2017 16:45:17 LisaGenova
    So excited for the Yakima Town Hall Speakers Series event next Wednesday, March 22nd — Hope to see you there!

  • 17.03.2017 15:35:24 LisaGenova
    RT @HDAwareness: . #fridayreads Huntington's disease stories #huntingtonsdisease   @LisaGenova

  • 17.03.2017 15:34:53 LisaGenova
    RT @SJVTownHall: Wednesday, April 5th we welcome @LisaGenova to Town Hall. Come here the real story behind the movie Still Alice. https://t…

  • 16.03.2017 15:50:14 LisaGenova
    "I'm hosting Move for Minds in Boston. Hope to see you there!”


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