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  • 21.02.2017 01:56:12 LisaGenova
    The cure for Alzheimer's will be a preventative medicine #Alzheimers

  • 18.02.2017 00:12:01 LisaGenova
    RT @DementiaToday: Mediterranean Diet May Slow Cognitive Decline, Prevent Alzheimer’s #Alz, #caregiver,#endalz

  • 16.02.2017 00:06:36 LisaGenova
    Interesting future implications for #Huntingtonsdisease

  • 08.02.2017 18:29:35 LisaGenova
    Nevertheless, she persisted. #letlizspeak #everywomaniknow

  • 08.02.2017 03:03:57 LisaGenova
    RT @novelvisits: Books that give you a reason to cry! (In a good way.) @YanagiharaHanya @LisaGenova @Hillary_Jordan @doubledaybooks https:/…

  • 06.02.2017 18:46:26 LisaGenova
    "Nothing is impossible." -Sarah Nickerson in LEFT NEGLECTED and Tom Brady, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS #TB12 #SB51 #tombrady

  • 06.02.2017 02:46:41 LisaGenova
    Thank you #audi

  • 04.02.2017 02:13:41 LisaGenova
    RT @davidfrum: Taxpayers are super-honored to contribute $100,000 to the costs of Eric Trump’s trip to sell Trump condos in Uruguay https:/…

  • 03.02.2017 14:30:44 LisaGenova
    RT @theipaper: 10 recent films you might not know were based on books

  • 02.02.2017 14:04:40 LisaGenova
    @RealFrederickDouglass, bravo!

  • 02.02.2017 13:58:30 LisaGenova
    Love you even more @jk_rowling

  • 01.02.2017 13:30:16 LisaGenova
    RT @stholeary: I'm old enough to remember Ted Cruz reading Dr. Seuss on the Senate floor to protest people getting access to health care. h…

  • 30.01.2017 02:46:59 LisaGenova
    LOVE @Starbucks .I write all my books there, AND they are heroes. #thankyou #humanity #Starbucks

  • 29.01.2017 18:59:39 LisaGenova
    Wow!!! So honored to be on this list of phenomenal books!

  • 28.01.2017 01:07:20 LisaGenova
    RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: Tensions raw around the West Wing. Possibility that POTUS family members may have actually voted twice at his urging.

  • 28.01.2017 01:06:23 LisaGenova
    RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: @SanFranCourtney POTUS states he will not release returns, period. Would veto bill (now in Congress) requiring release…

  • 28.01.2017 01:06:03 LisaGenova
    RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: When well intended patriots disagree, that's democracy. When POTUS says it's not fact until he approves it, that's tyr…


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