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  • 21.02.2017 17:08:21 Marie Phillips
    Of course there are perks, like when machine translation suggests 'a set of controlling street bears' as a synonym for tactlessness #dutch

  • 21.02.2017 16:22:30 Marie Phillips
    Marking my Dutch homework. Two out of twelve is a pass, right?

  • 16.02.2017 15:15:55 Marie Phillips
    Hey there blog! Long time no see. That’s what happens when you’re busy learning Dutch. Speaking of...

  • 15.02.2017 15:12:39 Marie Phillips
    RT @thepooluk: Can new language help us to understand our partners? @mpphillips on learning Dutch:…

  • 09.02.2017 17:08:03 Marie Phillips
    Amazing 1929 Amelia Earhart essay on how to fly fashionably, accompanied by badass Rihanna photoshoot via @fuggirls

  • 09.02.2017 15:22:16 Marie Phillips
    It's just been announced that Oprah Winfrey is remaking Terms of Endearment. That's the last time I tweet my love f…


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